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“By believing in Jesus, you are not only to save your own souls, but by precept and example you are to seek to save other souls. Take Christ as your pattern. Hold Him up as the One who can give you power to overcome. Utterly destroy the root of selfishness. Magnify God, for you are His children. Glorify your Redeemer, and He will give you a place in His kingdom”.  Adventist Home, p. 96.


Each member should be educated to do the work for which he/she is best adapted.–Sabbath after Sabbath many of you hear the voice of the living preacher, but how many feel the need of bringing the truth into your practical life? How many realize that light is given you that you may reflect it upon others? There is great need that the people should be educated that they may do the part of the work that has been appointed unto them to do; but the education of church members has been neglected. If the minister would instruct his people, he might have an army to help him in diffusing the light when a crisis comes in the work. Each member of the church should do the work for which he is best adapted, and the work could be so arranged that everything would move off harmoniously, and the prosperity of a working church would be manifested in the vital interest which would spring up among those who put their energies into the cause of Christ.–HM Sept. 1, 1892. Pastoral Ministry, p. 154

Ministers should encourage those in the church whom God has selected to do a special work.–There is danger that ministers, that presidents of conferences, will take too much upon themselves and manifest too little confidence in the people. The people should be educated in such a way that they will search the Scriptures for themselves. The Holy Spirit is to work to mold every man after the similitude of Christ. Men have made a great mistake in not considering that God works through His church. Ministers should give ample encouragement to the individual members of the church and to those whom God shall select to do a special work in maturing thoughtful plans for the saving of the souls of those who are in error.–9MR 146. Pastoral Ministry 152.


“Let church-members awake. Let them take hold and help to stay up the hands of the ministers and the workers, pushing forward the interests of the cause. There must be no measuring of talent by comparison. If a man exercises faith, and walks humbly with his God, he may have little education, he may be accounted a weak man, yet he can fill his appointed place as well as the man who has the finest education. He who yields himself most unreservedly to the influence of the Holy Spirit is best qualified to do acceptable service for the Master. God will inspire men who do not occupy responsible positions to work for Him”. Pastoral Ministry, P.152.

You help members most, not by sermonizing, but by planning work for them.–The best help that ministers can give the members of our churches is not sermonizing, but planning work for them. Give each one something to do for others. Help all to see that as receivers of the grace of Christ they are under obligation to work for Him. And let all be taught how to work. Especially should those who are newly come to the faith be educated to become laborers together with God. If set to work, the despondent will soon forget their despondency; the weak will become strong, the ignorant intelligent, and all will be prepared to present the truth as it is in Jesus. They will find an unfailing helper in Him who has promised to save all that come unto Him.–6T 49. {Pastoral Ministry, p. 156.

“In almost every community there are large numbers who do not attend any religious service. If they are reached by the gospel, it must be carried to their homes. Often the relief of their physical needs is the only avenue by which they can be approached.” Review and Herald, May 9, 1912.


“No mere theory of truth or profession of discipleship will save any soul. We do not belong to Christ unless we are His wholly. It is by half-heartedness in the Christian life that men become feeble in purpose and changeable in desire. The effort to serve both self and Christ makes one a stony-ground hearer, and he will not endure when the test comes upon him.” Christ Object Lesson, p. 50.

“Were the thousand channels of selfishness cut off that now exist, and the means directed in the right channel, there would be a large revenue flowing into the treasury. Many purchase idols with money that should go to the house of God. No one can practice real benevolence without practicing genuine self-denial. Self-denial and the cross lie directly in the path of every Christian who is truly following Christ.” Counsels on Stewardship, pp. 288-289.


“All who receive the life of Christ are ordained to work for the Salvation of their fellowmen. For this work the church was established and all who take upon themselves its sacred vows are thereby pledged to be co-workers with Christ.” Desire of Ages p. 822


“Let every worker in the Master’s vineyard, study, plan; devise methods, to reach the people where they are. We must do something out of the common course of things. We must arrest the attention. We must be deadly in earnest. We are on the very verge of times of trouble and perplexities that are scarcely dreamed of”.–Letter 20, 1893.  Evangelism, p. 122

Emphasize Special Truths.–We are under obligation to declare faithfully the whole counsel of God. We are not to make less prominent the special truths that have separated us from the world, and made us what we are; for they are fraught with eternal interests. God has given us light in regard to the things that are now taking place in the last remnant of time, and with pen and voice we are to proclaim the truth to the world, not in a tame, spiritless way, but in demonstration of the Spirit and power of God.– Testimonies to Ministers, p. 470. (1890)  Evangelism, p. 121

All who study the life of Christ and practice His teachings will become like Christ. Their influence will be like His. They will reveal soundness of character. As they walk in the humble path of obedience, doing the will of God, they exert an influence that tells for the advancement of the cause of God and the healthful purity of His work. In these thoroughly converted souls the world is to have a witness to the sanctifying power of truth upon the human character.  Evangelism, p. 313


“The one work more precious than any other is the work of soul-saving. The same intensity of desire for the saving of souls that marked the life of the Saviour marks the life of His true followerers. The Christian has no desire to live for self. He delights to consecrate all he has and is to the Master’s service. He is moved with an inexpressable desire to win souls to Christ. Those who have nothing of this desire might better be concerned for their own salvation. Let them pray for the Spirit of service.” Ellen G. White in Australasian Union Conference Record, August 15, 1902.

“God could have reached His object in saving sinners without our aid; but in order for us to develop a character like Christ’s, we must share in His work. In order to enter into His joy,–the joy of seeing souls redeemed by His sacrifice,–we must participate in His labors for their redemption”.  Desire of Ages, p. 142


“Every church member should feel it his special duty to labour for those living in his neighbourhood. Study how you can best help those who take no interest in religious things. As you visit your friends and neighbours show an interest in their spiritual as well as in their temporal welfare…. This is just as essentrial as to save the benighted souls in foreign countries.” Welfare Ministry, p.190

“Every true disciple is born into the kingdom of God as a missionary. He who drinks of the living water becomes a fountain of life. The receiver becomes a giver. The grace of Christ in the soul is like a spring in the desert, welling up to refresh all, and making those who are ready to perish eager to drink of the water of life”. Christian Service, p.9.


“City Evangelism Becoming More Difficult.–We do not realize the extent to which Satanic agencies are at work in these large cities. The work of bringing the message of present truth before the people is becoming more and more difficult. It is essential that new and varied talents unite in intelligent labor for the  people”.–Medical Ministry, p. 300 (1909)  {Evangelism, p. 31.

“A great work is to be done. I am moved by the Spirit of God to say to those engaged in the Lord’s work, that the favorable time for our message to be carried to the cities has passed by, and this work has not been done. I feel a heavy burden that we shall now redeem the time.–Manuscript 62, 1903.  Evangelism, p. 31


“The work which the church has failed to do in a time of peace and prosperity, she will have to do in a terrible crisis, under most discouraging, forbidding circumstances”.–Testimonies, vol. 5, p. 463. (1885)  Evangelism, p. 31.

“To all people and nations and kindred and tongues the truth is to be proclaimed. The time has come for much aggressive work to be done in the cities, and in all neglected, unworked fields”.–Review and Herald, June 23, 1904.  Evangelism, p. 59.

“New methods must be introduced. God’s people must awake to the necessities of the time in which they are living. God has men whom He will call into His service,–men who will not carry forward the work in the lifeless way in which it has been carried forward in the past. . . .”.  Evangelism, p. 70.