Integrated Approach



1.         Each member who is recruited and trained as a passionate disciple of Jesus in the Vision   One Million program shall receive a personalized commitment card that the person will sign and keep as a reminder of a commitment made to self and the Lord to participate in this overarching initiative to assist in transforming the lives of members of the church and the wider community through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

2.         Each department of the church shall design and present an evangelistic series to be added to the menu of evangelistic resources available for equipping the Pastors and passionate disciples of the church in any or all three areas of special emphases; Spiritual Infilling,  Functional Relationship and Community Needs.

3.         The Personal Ministries and Sabbath School department shall provide a training curriculum with a modular approach to equip the laity for engagement in Vision One Million.

4.         Departments or Ministries of the church engaging in this integrated evangelistic program of Vision One Million shall present additional modules to the Personal Ministries and Sabbath School Lay Training curriculum. Such modules shall address the specific departmental/ministry training emphases relevant for preparing members who will engage in Vision One Million Evangelism based on the specific departmental/ministry emphases. Each department / ministry shall engage with the personal Ministries and Sabbath School Department to clarify details and harmonize efforts in this special evangelistic training and implementation initiative.

5.         Leaders of each department or ministry of the church that is actively engaged in Vision One Million shall establish a goal of the number of persons from such department /ministry they desire to have as passionate disciples in the initiative. Leaders of such departments/ministries should determine and initiate an effective members’ recruitment strategy in order to realize the stated goal.

    1.  Leaders of each participating department/ministry should prepare at least one 14 days evangelistic series and make this available as sermon resources that members of the church may utilize for soul winning efforts in this Vision One Million initiative

Target Groups for Vision One Million:

            i.          City Residents (large and medium size cities)

            ii.         Former Members

            iii.        Upper Class Inhabitants

            iv.        Professional and Business People

            v.         Cross Cultural Inhabitants

            vii.       Advocates and Adherents of Post Modernism

            viii.      Those who are not active adherents of Adventism